The Future Belongs to You

The Future Belongs to You

It’s never as easy as memes suggest is it? They don’t tell you how. They don’t suggest magic ways to find time or make times for it to happen. They just say follow your dreams. The future belongs to those who work for it and for those who believe in it. I believe in the beauty of my dreams. Do you?

Recommitting to a Dream

Oh boy- Is it odd that I almost feel awkward returning to this community and this blog? All of my talk about how Wedding Erins is my dream and something I plan on really striving to commit fully to and within three weeks I am gone. Well I could make excuses by saying that I began working in the actual field and the job has stolen an incredible amount of my time. It’s a true statement but the fact is that is always how it seems to work – things that you need to do to actually achieve your dream interfere with the dream itself.

I know that I need the experience before I can go out on my own. And truthfully I do like my new job and I enjoy the field that I would like to commit to fully. Last week I spent some time in a hotel in order to gain some experience. Usually I work on the other end of things and just arrange workers for events, but being in the actual hotel and just watching the hustle and bustle of it really reiterated my thoughts of belonging in there. I love the movement! I also like the classy feel hotels have. Draping greens and bubbling fountains with a coffee bar scenting the air- yeah I could get used to that environment. And I am going to do my best to get back in here and recommit to this place as well.


Here’s to committing to a dream once again.