Updates for 2017.

Good morning! A very early morning here for me. Exciting things are happening in my life right now. It is amazing, but to be honest it is really starting to mess with my sleep cycle. So, here I am at 5am, writing a blog post on my phone when I should be sleeping (or packing as we are beginning a move to our first owned home.) 

Anyways! 2017! Wow. I’m a little late on the draw but I’m pleased to announce that my new years resolution this year is to really start focusing on Wedding Erins. I’ve said a million times that I was going to post more and, let’s be frank, it hasn’t happened. However, this time my goal goes beyond posting a blog. I will be starting a website, beginning a Facebook page, and becoming more active on other social media platforms. I would like to launch the Facebook page on Valentine’s Day and go from there. Stay tuned for the start of this exciting journey and posts about my progress!

I’ve discovered some Wedding Planning Podcasts (probably more to come on this) at work and the best part of my job is that I can do recreational listening as I do the job I am paid for. I am hoping to draw some blog post inspiration from there, as well as keep up with current trends. It just occurred to me that I should find some small business podcasts as well to garner skills- that’s going on the list.

Speaking of skills! The International Wedding Academy has begun offering certifications in Wedding Planning as well as other things. My plan is to do more research and begin one of these classes in March. 

I’ve also been put in connection with the local wedding network here in my home town. I don’t know that I’m in a position of join this month’s meeting, however, if the launch goes as planned next month is a definite possibility.

So that’s my current 2017 update. Perhaps if my sleep schedule stays wacky you’ll see more Posts from me. I’m not going to say fingers crossed because I need that sleep. But fingers crossed for a successful 2017 that includes a successful launch of Wedding Erins. ‘Till next time! 


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