Updates for 2017.

Good morning! A very early morning here for me. Exciting things are happening in my life right now. It is amazing, but to be honest it is really starting to mess with my sleep cycle. So, here I am at 5am, writing a blog post on my phone when I should be sleeping (or packing as we are beginning a move to our first owned home.) 

Anyways! 2017! Wow. I’m a little late on the draw but I’m pleased to announce that my new years resolution this year is to really start focusing on Wedding Erins. I’ve said a million times that I was going to post more and, let’s be frank, it hasn’t happened. However, this time my goal goes beyond posting a blog. I will be starting a website, beginning a Facebook page, and becoming more active on other social media platforms. I would like to launch the Facebook page on Valentine’s Day and go from there. Stay tuned for the start of this exciting journey and posts about my progress!

I’ve discovered some Wedding Planning Podcasts (probably more to come on this) at work and the best part of my job is that I can do recreational listening as I do the job I am paid for. I am hoping to draw some blog post inspiration from there, as well as keep up with current trends. It just occurred to me that I should find some small business podcasts as well to garner skills- that’s going on the list.

Speaking of skills! The International Wedding Academy has begun offering certifications in Wedding Planning as well as other things. My plan is to do more research and begin one of these classes in March. 

I’ve also been put in connection with the local wedding network here in my home town. I don’t know that I’m in a position of join this month’s meeting, however, if the launch goes as planned next month is a definite possibility.

So that’s my current 2017 update. Perhaps if my sleep schedule stays wacky you’ll see more Posts from me. I’m not going to say fingers crossed because I need that sleep. But fingers crossed for a successful 2017 that includes a successful launch of Wedding Erins. ‘Till next time! 


My Brother Got Married! So Much Fun!



My brother got married last weekend! This is really exciting as my brother has been with his girlfriend since 2007. She’s one of my best friends and I’ve called her my sister-in-law for 5 of those 9 years. So hooray for them!


Their wedding was so… fun. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of weddings are fun. But they pursued a pretty non-traditional wedding route, coupled it with a board game theme, and it fit their personalities so perfectly! I got married in a Catholic Church. We didn’t have a full sermon, but still had the traditional wedding. My wedding was beautiful and was how I imagined it but the way my brother and sister-in-law did their wedding was so personal.

The wedding was outdoors at a park’s gazebo. The wedding party, -all wearing Converse All-Stars – walked in to “The Lord of the Rings”, the bride walked in to Dr. Who’s theme song, and we all exited to “Everything is Awesome”. Their Corgi Puppy, clad in a bow tie, acted as the ring bearer. My brother’s best friend got ordained for the celebration and married them. He also acted as their best man. Their ceremony was just over 9 minutes long. Yep! Nine Minutes.

Still, probably because the Best man had known both the bride and groom for 15 years everything that needed to be said was said perfectly in those 9 minutes. The wedding was hilarious and touching all at once! The groom got teary eyed and I was close! At the end of the wedding, even people who didn’t have as close a connection to the bride and groom didn’t have anything poor to say about it. (Except that they were cold -br. October weather in Wisconsin is like playing darts in the dark.)

I was going to turn this post into something more than just giddiness for my brother. Something about their theme or about pursuing a non-traditional wedding or about using a Best Friend as your minister, but I’m not going to. Check back if any of those interest you. For now, I’ll just close with a CONGRATS E&K!

No Apologies: House Hunting

Happy Wednesday! As per my schedule we have Writing Prompt Wednesday! Special thanks to The Daily Prompts Blog whose writing prompt for the day was No Apologies!  The writing prompt suggests writing about our Guilty Pleasures that are so good you no longer feel guilty about them. Hm- I had to think about this one. I could say planning! Which I suppose is a no-duh easy way out answer. Though to be completely honest the extreme I take it to might surprise some. Still we shall not take the easy way out! How will you all get to know me if I don’t expand on myself? So if we explore beyond that I suppose my guilty pleasure is House Hunting!

I have three house hunting apps on my phone. I should mention that I have a whomping total of one gaming app and consider my house hunting apps to be more entertaining; so when you are playing Candy Crush I am House Hunting. Don’t worry! I don’t buy every house I see – obviously, who can afford that these days-  but I would really love to flip houses in my spare time. All that spare time I will have around running my own business and raising a family. Okay – so that probably isn’t going to happen but! The fact remains I love it.

More realistically though -and Wedding Erins related – I do hope to one day buy or create a venue for weddings so I can host events as well as plan them. I’m envisioning a huge Georgian style brick home with lots of acres of land. A long room with a  fireplace for an indoor venue and a small pond with a willow for an outdoor venue are musts! I would also like there to be lots of soft plants with heady smells that tickle your nose as you pull up the gravel drive or as you stand out on a balcony thinking of your groom as your bridesmaids primp inside.


Sigh- I am supposed to be English. I have house hunted for Georgian Style homes and all the best ones are in the United Kingdom.  Actually I have done some family research and I am very English! Makes sense as that is where my taste always leads. Perhaps I will just have to bring my English Tastes to the US!

The British are coming the British are coming! At least the British Venues!

Just Another Try

Hello everyone!

I apologize, its been a while again. I knew that as soon as I got out of the habit of blogging it was going to be very hard to get back into it. Though I have to say I have gotten increasingly more busy as of late. Even if I disregard moving, I’ve been pretty busy! I finally got a job! I say finally but it was less than a month from when I graduated from college. Granted, the job is not in my major, but for now I am very content with it. Having a job is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s made me tired here lately and the training has kind of fried my brain. But here I am today, trying to produce a decent blog post for everyone.

I’m honestly not sure what to write about. I could go and find facts but I’m not really in the mood for that today. Instead I think I will talk about my Birthday! I got a gift today! It’s a day early but still, very exciting! The gift is a book called The Complete Home Bartender’s Guide but Salvatore Calabrese. Now I should clarify that my birthday tomorrow is not my 21st birthday, nor am I a bartender. I just like kitchen things and love watching my husband mix me drinks!

One of the very first pages of the book is a quick guide on how to plan a cocktail party. Admittedly I haven’t read it yet! But I will, probably tonight! After I do so and after I go through some of the recipes I will post some of my favorites and some of the tips I gathered from this book and other sources! Until then folks!

Bear With Me!

Alright so I know it’s been a while! Believe it or not it wasn’t intentional.  For the past month I’ve been working on relocating. Its all well and good,  I’m happy with the decision my husband and I made but oh my moving is a lot of work. My mother and I have been doing all the packing involved in moving slammed into a week. This isn’t my excuse,  though I do have to admit I have one. My excuse is that our internet cut out and because of moving we decided it was best to simply disconnect it. Ugh! Unfortunately I also have a limited amount of mobile data and I have reached my limit so here I am,  internet-less.
I’ve got to say I didn’t realize how much I use internet/data. Even for things other than social media.  I’ve been very lost without it. I suppose it’s good for me to be without it. It gives me a chance to explore life and I think that comparatively I do pretty well controlling how often I am active on the internet, but being without it really negatively effects my blog.
It really is a pity that I’ve no internet currently because quite a few event related things have happened to me. Saturday I spent the afternoon volunteering at a banquet for a company in my area.  I need 100 hrs of practicum before I can officially title myself an Event Manager, though I suppose having something to plan would also contribute to my title.  Still,  until I have those events to plan, volunteering I must. Overall it is a pretty sweet deal. The day before I go to the office and fold and cut name tags and place holders. Then on the day of I set up the events name tags and shadow the companies Event Manager. Each time I go I am more convinced that Event Management is what I would like to do with my future,  so I suppose that is a good thing!
Tonight though, and the rest of this week really I don’t feel as though I can do Wedding Erins justice. Important and exciting things could be happening everyone, just bear with me this week.