Time vs. Priority

And I’m back. It’s been years – with an S. Yikes. A few days ago I ran across the saying similar to what is up top. “Next time, instead of ‘I don’t have time’ say ‘it’s not a priority’ and see how it feels.” It hit home for me. I don’t agree with this 100% or more accurately don’t agree with the feeling of guilt I got when I did as it suggested. There were things that I was comfortable not having time for but not making a priority stung a bit more. Still, if I made everything a priority that made me feel guilty I would just about burn out I think.

Either way, the post got me to thinking. I realized that some of those things that I didn’t have time for (I didn’t make a priority) happened to be some of my passions. Things that made me tick. And to me that had to change.

I’m a new mother. My oh My that gave me an identity crisis for the first few weeks. I choose to breastfeed so my baby girl relied on me 100% of the time. My husband is great and helped as much as he could but when baby girl needed to eat it fell on me, and as many of you know babies need to eat a lot. I felt that I had morphed into ‘just a mother’ and had lost other parts of me.

I’ve gained them back now. I’m back to working, applying for jobs, music, event planning (my brother is getting married! Hurrah!) but I miss writing. So here I am. Writing again. The schedule is going to change. I’m going to strive for one post a week for now. Though I will still be aiming for my alliteration days. Are you ready? Here we go again!

Travel Agents Have My Respect

Alright it isn’t Monday but we will go with Mystery Monday none the less. And today the mystery is answered with… drum roll please…. travel planning! Yay! So I know I have mentioned a few times that my husband and I plan on going to Scotland in just a few months! I can hardly contain my excitement!! Of course this means that I need to plan the vacation. Funny thing is, I really have no passion for travel planning. Weird right? All my family think it is weird. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Well you are a planner this should be no problem.” Um no, not accurate. Maybe I will go easier on my brother (an industrial designer) when he tells me that illustrating a children’s book is not the same thing as the work he does.
Still! I’ve finally advanced in my travel planning! Thanks to a friend on a forum I located a website called Secret Scotland and have bought an itinerary for the trip! This type of Travel Planning I can deal with! All that is left for me to do is go through the 100+ pages of the plans they provided for a small fee and choose what day trips my husband and I would enjoy doing. They even have a list of sleeping accommodations that we can go through to pick what will be the best fit for us!
So great big thank you to Secret Scotland. I will keep yu readers posted as to how the vacation progresses. And all my respect to you travel agents out there. It’s definitely not something I could easily do.

Birthday Parties and Children

How do you feel about birthday parties? As a kid I had one and only one. I’ll be honest with you it wasn’t that great of one. I was about seven so all of my guests were too. Ten seven year old girls really can’t be in the same location and be expected to have a good time. At least in my opinion. Still! Kids parties laden with themes can definitely be fun. I actually attended one this weekend. My niece just turned one and she had a very adorable theme of Pink and Gold Chevron. You should have seen her in her little gold glittered ‘one’sie and pink tutu.

Personally, I am sure that Harry Potter will be my child’s nursery and probably first birthdays theme. Is right away to soon to begin reading Harry Potter to a child? My aunt tells me that it is the tone of voice that children react to not the words so if I read the scary parts with a happy voice it will be fine right? I think so. Not that I have children yet. But I’ve got a Pinterest! So at least that’s a start.

Recommitting to a Dream

Oh boy- Is it odd that I almost feel awkward returning to this community and this blog? All of my talk about how Wedding Erins is my dream and something I plan on really striving to commit fully to and within three weeks I am gone. Well I could make excuses by saying that I began working in the actual field and the job has stolen an incredible amount of my time. It’s a true statement but the fact is that is always how it seems to work – things that you need to do to actually achieve your dream interfere with the dream itself.

I know that I need the experience before I can go out on my own. And truthfully I do like my new job and I enjoy the field that I would like to commit to fully. Last week I spent some time in a hotel in order to gain some experience. Usually I work on the other end of things and just arrange workers for events, but being in the actual hotel and just watching the hustle and bustle of it really reiterated my thoughts of belonging in there. I love the movement! I also like the classy feel hotels have. Draping greens and bubbling fountains with a coffee bar scenting the air- yeah I could get used to that environment. And I am going to do my best to get back in here and recommit to this place as well.


Here’s to committing to a dream once again.