Birthday Parties and Children

How do you feel about birthday parties? As a kid I had one and only one. I’ll be honest with you it wasn’t that great of one. I was about seven so all of my guests were too. Ten seven year old girls really can’t be in the same location and be expected to have a good time. At least in my opinion. Still! Kids parties laden with themes can definitely be fun. I actually attended one this weekend. My niece just turned one and she had a very adorable theme of Pink and Gold Chevron. You should have seen her in her little gold glittered ‘one’sie and pink tutu.

Personally, I am sure that Harry Potter will be my child’s nursery and probably first birthdays theme. Is right away to soon to begin reading Harry Potter to a child? My aunt tells me that it is the tone of voice that children react to not the words so if I read the scary parts with a happy voice it will be fine right? I think so. Not that I have children yet. But I’ve got a Pinterest! So at least that’s a start.


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