Pantone Color of the Year

Each December for years Pantone has announced a color of the year. This color has a mass impact on everything from products to fashion to paints. Pantone also releases wonderful color pallets that compliment the color in different ways. So how is this applicable to weddings? Well actually, quite a lot. Bridesmaids dresses, the “in” decorations, flowers, all base themselves off of this color. For example, this year trends in wedding flowers are leaning towards lots of greens and foliage and less flowers.

Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery. My first impression of this color, honestly, was a bit of a Yowza. It’s a beautiful color but very bright. However, I found that once I examined Greenery Color Pairings it put me at ease. In my opinion this color is a wonderful pop against colorful, but muted, tones. I found that while some of the pairings had multiple bright colors, many of them matched the Greenery with tones that contained greyish undertones – which I love! I’m so excited to use the Analogous color pallet. I’ve got a wedding theme that fits it perfectly in my mind! Unfortunately, it will have to wait until spring hits in Wisconsin to give it justice.

Also, I must admit I’m dying to see what designers come out with this year. I’m ready to rock these vibrant colors! And I can see some extremely fun event themes and floral arrangements coming soon. It is a good year to be a florist. I’ve been thinking I may try my hand in flower arranging and take advantage of it.

I encourage you to check out Pantone’s Color of the Year. The website is a lot of fun if you like colors!



My Brother Got Married! So Much Fun!



My brother got married last weekend! This is really exciting as my brother has been with his girlfriend since 2007. She’s one of my best friends and I’ve called her my sister-in-law for 5 of those 9 years. So hooray for them!


Their wedding was so… fun. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of weddings are fun. But they pursued a pretty non-traditional wedding route, coupled it with a board game theme, and it fit their personalities so perfectly! I got married in a Catholic Church. We didn’t have a full sermon, but still had the traditional wedding. My wedding was beautiful and was how I imagined it but the way my brother and sister-in-law did their wedding was so personal.

The wedding was outdoors at a park’s gazebo. The wedding party, -all wearing Converse All-Stars – walked in to “The Lord of the Rings”, the bride walked in to Dr. Who’s theme song, and we all exited to “Everything is Awesome”. Their Corgi Puppy, clad in a bow tie, acted as the ring bearer. My brother’s best friend got ordained for the celebration and married them. He also acted as their best man. Their ceremony was just over 9 minutes long. Yep! Nine Minutes.

Still, probably because the Best man had known both the bride and groom for 15 years everything that needed to be said was said perfectly in those 9 minutes. The wedding was hilarious and touching all at once! The groom got teary eyed and I was close! At the end of the wedding, even people who didn’t have as close a connection to the bride and groom didn’t have anything poor to say about it. (Except that they were cold -br. October weather in Wisconsin is like playing darts in the dark.)

I was going to turn this post into something more than just giddiness for my brother. Something about their theme or about pursuing a non-traditional wedding or about using a Best Friend as your minister, but I’m not going to. Check back if any of those interest you. For now, I’ll just close with a CONGRATS E&K!

Time vs. Priority

And I’m back. It’s been years – with an S. Yikes. A few days ago I ran across the saying similar to what is up top. “Next time, instead of ‘I don’t have time’ say ‘it’s not a priority’ and see how it feels.” It hit home for me. I don’t agree with this 100% or more accurately don’t agree with the feeling of guilt I got when I did as it suggested. There were things that I was comfortable not having time for but not making a priority stung a bit more. Still, if I made everything a priority that made me feel guilty I would just about burn out I think.

Either way, the post got me to thinking. I realized that some of those things that I didn’t have time for (I didn’t make a priority) happened to be some of my passions. Things that made me tick. And to me that had to change.

I’m a new mother. My oh My that gave me an identity crisis for the first few weeks. I choose to breastfeed so my baby girl relied on me 100% of the time. My husband is great and helped as much as he could but when baby girl needed to eat it fell on me, and as many of you know babies need to eat a lot. I felt that I had morphed into ‘just a mother’ and had lost other parts of me.

I’ve gained them back now. I’m back to working, applying for jobs, music, event planning (my brother is getting married! Hurrah!) but I miss writing. So here I am. Writing again. The schedule is going to change. I’m going to strive for one post a week for now. Though I will still be aiming for my alliteration days. Are you ready? Here we go again!

Welcome to my Alliterated Schedule!

Hello Hello!

Happy Friday – thank goodness. What a long week for me! Do you notice that posts are coming more often? Not quite back to where I was when I first started but I am definitely getting there. I know posting regularly is the best way to get traffic and for me writing a schedule out will make it easier. No more asking myself what I should write.

Welcome to my Alliterated Schedule! It is arranged on a biweekly basis. I will be posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday on what I have dubbed Week 1 and Tuesday and Thursday on what I have dubbed Week 2. Each day contains an alliterate topic. (Wednesday is still subject to change. Seriously, I never realized how hard W was to find matches for until this blog).


Week 1

Monday: Mystery Monday

Wednesday: Writing Prompts and Winspirations Wednesday

Friday: Fact Friday


Week 2

Tuesday: Tutorial Tuesday

Thursday: Theme Thursday


What do you think?

On a somewhat related note :

I’m thinking of expanding Wedding Erins and Events to a Pinterest account. Thoughts? I’m a little hesitant. Is it too early? Probably. But if I’m putting themes and tutorials on my personal board anyways it seems like making an account for Wedding Erins makes more sense. Hm- such a spot to be in. Anyone have any thoughts?



It’s a Little Strange

It’s a little strange to be so focused on one thing for so long in your life, then, in a moment, something changes and everything you had planned for, waited for, studied for, worked for, becomes trapped behind a misty shield of apparent impossibility. What do you do when you reach that point? For me it was flounder. Flounder and struggle until the only thing that I could really do was stop and plan. Planning got me through.

I suppose it was a logical shift. I had planned to be a famous author from the first poem I had written so it was easy enough to plan something else. To plan on planning. My creativity cried out and my dreams crashed down. Then I met a guy. How perfectly cheesy.

We got married quickly and young by nearly anyone’s standards. Even by mine. I don’t regret it for a moment. We had a romantic Justice of Peace wedding but then then came the big one. I was in planning heaven. My creative juices started flowing and themes began flooding in. I knew what I wanted to plan for the rest of my life. And what I wanted to write about.

So here we are. With Wedding Erins as the perfect outlet to both my yearning to write and my love of weddings. I already know that I am going to love this journey and where it takes me. I am hoping you join me as the blog, Wedding Erins, and I, myself grow.