It’s a Little Strange

It’s a little strange to be so focused on one thing for so long in your life, then, in a moment, something changes and everything you had planned for, waited for, studied for, worked for, becomes trapped behind a misty shield of apparent impossibility. What do you do when you reach that point? For me it was flounder. Flounder and struggle until the only thing that I could really do was stop and plan. Planning got me through.

I suppose it was a logical shift. I had planned to be a famous author from the first poem I had written so it was easy enough to plan something else. To plan on planning. My creativity cried out and my dreams crashed down. Then I met a guy. How perfectly cheesy.

We got married quickly and young by nearly anyone’s standards. Even by mine. I don’t regret it for a moment. We had a romantic Justice of Peace wedding but then then came the big one. I was in planning heaven. My creative juices started flowing and themes began flooding in. I knew what I wanted to plan for the rest of my life. And what I wanted to write about.

So here we are. With Wedding Erins as the perfect outlet to both my yearning to write and my love of weddings. I already know that I am going to love this journey and where it takes me. I am hoping you join me as the blog, Wedding Erins, and I, myself grow.


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