Daily Prompt – Simple

Yesterday’s Daily One Word Prompts- Simple! I started this yesterday but time got away from me unfortunately. Anyways,  thanks Daily Prompt for deciding the next topic for my blog.

Simple Weddings. I think that the meaning of the phrase is dependent on the bride and groom, however, for my purposes let’s start with the definition of simple: easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

There are various reason to choose to pursue a Simple Wedding. These reasons include it being very budget friendly, the bride and groom having a short planning time frame, it is not their first wedding, or simply because they don’t like large crowds. As with large weddings, each simple wedding is unique. However, below you will find a list of some things that I believe are important if you are choosing to pursue a Simple Wedding.

  1.  Small Guest Lists – It is hard to achieve a truly simple wedding if you have a large guest lists. Catering Bills and RSVP tracking alone create large amounts of stress and are huge budget suckers. Large guest lists also narrow the venues available and ups the price. It is true that, depending on family and friends, cutting down the guest list can also cause stress, but overall having a fewer attendees will ease the day.
  2. Small or No Wedding Party – Along the same lines of small guest lists, small and casually dressed wedding parties (if there is a wedding party at all) also creates a simple wedding. When you don’t have to worry about coordinating a time to gather the wedding party for things like dress shopping or tux rentals you are clearing off a major price point and stress factor for not only the bride and groom but also potential wedding party members. If there is someone very important to you who you would like to be a part of your day I would recommend considering having them sign as a witness. Another option for them, depending on the feel you are trying to achieve and the person in question, is having them become ordained and running the ceremony. It can be a wonderful experience if you have the right person.
  3. Minimalistic Decorations– Having very few to no decorations at the ceremony of your simple wedding also makes planning and preparation of the day easier.  Choosing the right venue can compensate for lack of decorations. Even low cost venues like parks can often stand alone in their beauty and eliminate the need for additional décor. This helps ease the stress of choosing colors, centerpieces, and overall themes for weddings.

Simple weddings can be a wonderful option for a bride and groom. Just like in large weddings, a simple wedding can be unique and beautiful. It is an option to consider for anyone who is looking for a relaxed, intimate, budget friendly feel for their big day.

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Writing Prompts and Elopements

I read a prompt this morning from “The Daily Post.” The prompt was called Predictions and it asked what I would be doing on the 221st day of this year. That’s July 30th – I know some of you were wondering. Now, I’m a planner so thinking ahead to that exact date isn’t really hard for me. And believe me, if I could plan that day, or really any day down to at least every three hours I probably would. Unfortunately -well probably fortunately to keep things exciting – my husband’s career makes that basically impossible. But anyways, I digress.

So I was reading this prompt, where will I be, and what will I be doing on the 221st day of this year. The first thought that occurred to me was: probably getting married. Its ironic. I’ve made it no secret that I am already married – happily I might add. And as I’ve mentioned we have already gone through the wedding thing twice. So why on earth would I be getting married again?

ImageMy husband and I have a running joke between the two of us. Every time I see something I find cool or unique for a wedding (whether it be on Pinterest, television, or a random other source) I tell him that we have to get married again. I do believe he’s agreed to have at least two more weddings with me. One of them is an elopement in Scotland.

Now I adore Scotland and I’ve been wanting to go since middle school. This summer, sometime in July or August, we finally plan on going! Not for an elopement (or at least probably not) but to satisfy a yearning.

Though I was referring to the yearning to see Scotland, I guess an elopement might satisfy my wedding lust as well. Honestly, I thought that two weddings would be enough for me. I mean, it usually is right? But I’m starting to think I’m doomed to Wedding Lust for an eternity. (Sorry Honey!) On the bright side, perhaps this blog will help. Just don’t be surprised if I start posting Scottish Highland wedding traditions and inspirations.

P.S: I have already done some digging and it appears that my husband will have to get a kilt. 😉