Writing Prompts and Elopements

I read a prompt this morning from “The Daily Post.” The prompt was called Predictions and it asked what I would be doing on the 221st day of this year. That’s July 30th – I know some of you were wondering. Now, I’m a planner so thinking ahead to that exact date isn’t really hard for me. And believe me, if I could plan that day, or really any day down to at least every three hours I probably would. Unfortunately -well probably fortunately to keep things exciting – my husband’s career makes that basically impossible. But anyways, I digress.

So I was reading this prompt, where will I be, and what will I be doing on the 221st day of this year. The first thought that occurred to me was: probably getting married. Its ironic. I’ve made it no secret that I am already married – happily I might add. And as I’ve mentioned we have already gone through the wedding thing twice. So why on earth would I be getting married again?

ImageMy husband and I have a running joke between the two of us. Every time I see something I find cool or unique for a wedding (whether it be on Pinterest, television, or a random other source) I tell him that we have to get married again. I do believe he’s agreed to have at least two more weddings with me. One of them is an elopement in Scotland.

Now I adore Scotland and I’ve been wanting to go since middle school. This summer, sometime in July or August, we finally plan on going! Not for an elopement (or at least probably not) but to satisfy a yearning.

Though I was referring to the yearning to see Scotland, I guess an elopement might satisfy my wedding lust as well. Honestly, I thought that two weddings would be enough for me. I mean, it usually is right? But I’m starting to think I’m doomed to Wedding Lust for an eternity. (Sorry Honey!) On the bright side, perhaps this blog will help. Just don’t be surprised if I start posting Scottish Highland wedding traditions and inspirations.

P.S: I have already done some digging and it appears that my husband will have to get a kilt. 😉


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