Who Knew Wednesdays!

Is there any songs about Wednesday? Hm- well none come to mind. If there is one that you know of comment below and let me know! Or just insert it as a lovely little background melody to my blog today! I am considering dedicating a theme for each day of the week. Granted, I am sure I will run out of things to say eventually so the themes will get tough, but for now it will give me some structure. I am all about structure – and alliterations. So I dub Wednesdays (drum roll please!)  Who Knew Wednesdays! or maybe What do ya know Wednesdays. Hm – okay I’ll work on the alliteration. Theme Thursday was much easier to come up with.


With the idea of WKW (WDYKW?) on my mind I went on a wedding fact search. I found an interesting one at facts.randomhistory.com

Fact number 70: “Over 74% of first-time brides receive a diamond engagement ring, with the diamond (first discovered in India over 2,000 years ago) symbolizing pure and eternal love. The Greeks thought diamonds (adamas) were tears of the gods, and the Romans thought diamas or diamonds were splinters from heavenly stars.

I also did a little more digging as to where the tradition of Engagement Rings began. Unsurprisingly, the original rings were much less romantic. In most cases, starting in Pre-History, the symbol of a ring was to claim the woman. Caveman tied cords around their mates in order to control the woman’s spirit. Ooh, how sweet- not.

Much more romantic was the Victorian era! Jewlery was made with gemstones spelling out names and endearments and were kept together with – wait for it – human hair!

Okay. So maybe digging into the background of engagement rings was not a good idea. We should probably just be content with the wonderful symbolism of diamonds and the romantic legends from Roman and Greek mythology. By the way – diamonds began really becoming the popular stone to use in rings in 1867, when they were discovered at Cape Colony. Cape Colony is now part of South Africa.

And there you have it folks! Some lore and history about the engagement ring! Now we all know!

Source: I found the history from Reader’s Digest The History of Engagement Rings. Check out the link here for more facts and history!

Hm- what about Wanna Learn Wednesday? I should have done Fact Fridays. Way Easier!


Bridal Guide: 101 Best Wedding Budget Tips

Budget weddings! I love them. In my opinion a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be exactly what you want. This has some great tips and tricks to bring the budget down.
I’m sure it will come up in my Blog but I also think DIY is the perfect way to save money as well! Embrace your crafty side. Pinterest has a plethora of crafty things to make your wedding beautiful and unique!



Don’t break the bank! Follow our guide to all things financially savvy.

1. Create a comparison chart to track what’s included in the price for each venue you’re considering. One company may not include linens and the cake, for example, while another company does.

2. Many public spaces, like parks or the local village green, may be available to rent at a low fee. However, if the space is not equipped to handle events, you’ll have to rent everything from napkins to tables and chairs. Make sure you come out ahead!

3. Choose an unusual venue, such as an aquarium, a zoo, a gallery or an historical site. Site fees are not high and you’ll save on decor because the venue already supplies ambience. But the same caveat goes as for public spaces: Figure in what you’ll have to spend on rentals.

4. Hold your ceremony and your reception…

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It’s a Little Strange

It’s a little strange to be so focused on one thing for so long in your life, then, in a moment, something changes and everything you had planned for, waited for, studied for, worked for, becomes trapped behind a misty shield of apparent impossibility. What do you do when you reach that point? For me it was flounder. Flounder and struggle until the only thing that I could really do was stop and plan. Planning got me through.

I suppose it was a logical shift. I had planned to be a famous author from the first poem I had written so it was easy enough to plan something else. To plan on planning. My creativity cried out and my dreams crashed down. Then I met a guy. How perfectly cheesy.

We got married quickly and young by nearly anyone’s standards. Even by mine. I don’t regret it for a moment. We had a romantic Justice of Peace wedding but then then came the big one. I was in planning heaven. My creative juices started flowing and themes began flooding in. I knew what I wanted to plan for the rest of my life. And what I wanted to write about.

So here we are. With Wedding Erins as the perfect outlet to both my yearning to write and my love of weddings. I already know that I am going to love this journey and where it takes me. I am hoping you join me as the blog, Wedding Erins, and I, myself grow.