Game Day!

Usually I hate to be a cliche. But today I’m afraid it is going to happen. It is Superbowl Sunday and I am originally from Wisconsin so football is a pretty big thing. I don’t plan on going to in-depth on creating the environment for the best party there is. Especially because my team isn’t even playing. (Green Bay Packers) But I don’t feel like I would be accurately representing myself if I didn’t at least touch on Game Day! Below are the things I think every game day needs! Especially for the Superbowl!


Once you are suited up in your team merchandise you are ready to take on the big day! I’m at a loss as to what to wear today. Perhaps I should pull out my Packer gear and sport it anyways! However, being without your team gear when your team is playing is practically inexcusable! So best do that first, least you forget.

After you have your outfit set what is next varies on what type of party you are going for. At least in my opinion. I know that the biggest picture in my collage is of decorations. The collage looks spiffy, but I have to admit for the typical game day, decorations can be a bit much. As I mentioned my team isn’t in the Superbowl this year so while I think the Seattle – Denver match up will be a good one I’m not especially concerned about the outcome and today is just another game day. Had the Packers made it in this would be a completely different blog post I am sure. Still, the Football Field table is very cute and sporty. Thanks to Pintrest and some digging I found this how-to on A Night Owl Blog. Team colored streamers, decorated silverware holders, and football drink labels are all also great ideas if you are going all out for the day.

Whether you are planning on the party being the Football Bash of the century or just a casual get together between friends one thing that can not be skimped on is food! Food makes football! We always have Chili and Brats for our main dish during games. Unfortunately for me I don’t really like either of those things. Because of this I think that the most important part of the food layout at football games is the appetizers! I enjoy Guacamole and Chips, Little Smokies, Fresh Veggies, and even deviled eggs. My favorite Guacamole Recipe is refereed to as Rockin’ Guac. Its super easy to make using canned Ro*Tel. The only thing you have to chop is the onions. Add a little Cilantro to the mix and it’s perfect!

Last but not least! Beer! To be honest, I don’t really like beer. But it’s football and I’m from Wisconsin. So Superbowl Sunday, as well as any other Game Day just doesn’t seem complete without at least a sip of beer!

And there is my Sunday Football blog post! Enjoy your Superbowl everyone! Let me know in the comments what team you are rooting for! Broncos or Seahawks?




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