Bear With Me!

Alright so I know it’s been a while! Believe it or not it wasn’t intentional.  For the past month I’ve been working on relocating. Its all well and good,  I’m happy with the decision my husband and I made but oh my moving is a lot of work. My mother and I have been doing all the packing involved in moving slammed into a week. This isn’t my excuse,  though I do have to admit I have one. My excuse is that our internet cut out and because of moving we decided it was best to simply disconnect it. Ugh! Unfortunately I also have a limited amount of mobile data and I have reached my limit so here I am,  internet-less.
I’ve got to say I didn’t realize how much I use internet/data. Even for things other than social media.  I’ve been very lost without it. I suppose it’s good for me to be without it. It gives me a chance to explore life and I think that comparatively I do pretty well controlling how often I am active on the internet, but being without it really negatively effects my blog.
It really is a pity that I’ve no internet currently because quite a few event related things have happened to me. Saturday I spent the afternoon volunteering at a banquet for a company in my area.  I need 100 hrs of practicum before I can officially title myself an Event Manager, though I suppose having something to plan would also contribute to my title.  Still,  until I have those events to plan, volunteering I must. Overall it is a pretty sweet deal. The day before I go to the office and fold and cut name tags and place holders. Then on the day of I set up the events name tags and shadow the companies Event Manager. Each time I go I am more convinced that Event Management is what I would like to do with my future,  so I suppose that is a good thing!
Tonight though, and the rest of this week really I don’t feel as though I can do Wedding Erins justice. Important and exciting things could be happening everyone, just bear with me this week.


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