No Apologies: House Hunting

Happy Wednesday! As per my schedule we have Writing Prompt Wednesday! Special thanks to The Daily Prompts Blog whose writing prompt for the day was No Apologies!  The writing prompt suggests writing about our Guilty Pleasures that are so good you no longer feel guilty about them. Hm- I had to think about this one. I could say planning! Which I suppose is a no-duh easy way out answer. Though to be completely honest the extreme I take it to might surprise some. Still we shall not take the easy way out! How will you all get to know me if I don’t expand on myself? So if we explore beyond that I suppose my guilty pleasure is House Hunting!

I have three house hunting apps on my phone. I should mention that I have a whomping total of one gaming app and consider my house hunting apps to be more entertaining; so when you are playing Candy Crush I am House Hunting. Don’t worry! I don’t buy every house I see – obviously, who can afford that these days-  but I would really love to flip houses in my spare time. All that spare time I will have around running my own business and raising a family. Okay – so that probably isn’t going to happen but! The fact remains I love it.

More realistically though -and Wedding Erins related – I do hope to one day buy or create a venue for weddings so I can host events as well as plan them. I’m envisioning a huge Georgian style brick home with lots of acres of land. A long room with a  fireplace for an indoor venue and a small pond with a willow for an outdoor venue are musts! I would also like there to be lots of soft plants with heady smells that tickle your nose as you pull up the gravel drive or as you stand out on a balcony thinking of your groom as your bridesmaids primp inside.


Sigh- I am supposed to be English. I have house hunted for Georgian Style homes and all the best ones are in the United Kingdom.  Actually I have done some family research and I am very English! Makes sense as that is where my taste always leads. Perhaps I will just have to bring my English Tastes to the US!

The British are coming the British are coming! At least the British Venues!


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