Pantone Color of the Year

Each December for years Pantone has announced a color of the year. This color has a mass impact on everything from products to fashion to paints. Pantone also releases wonderful color pallets that compliment the color in different ways. So how is this applicable to weddings? Well actually, quite a lot. Bridesmaids dresses, the “in” decorations, flowers, all base themselves off of this color. For example, this year trends in wedding flowers are leaning towards lots of greens and foliage and less flowers.

Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery. My first impression of this color, honestly, was a bit of a Yowza. It’s a beautiful color but very bright. However, I found that once I examined Greenery Color Pairings it put me at ease. In my opinion this color is a wonderful pop against colorful, but muted, tones. I found that while some of the pairings had multiple bright colors, many of them matched the Greenery with tones that contained greyish undertones – which I love! I’m so excited to use the Analogous color pallet. I’ve got a wedding theme that fits it perfectly in my mind! Unfortunately, it will have to wait until spring hits in Wisconsin to give it justice.

Also, I must admit I’m dying to see what designers come out with this year. I’m ready to rock these vibrant colors! And I can see some extremely fun event themes and floral arrangements coming soon. It is a good year to be a florist. I’ve been thinking I may try my hand in flower arranging and take advantage of it.

I encourage you to check out Pantone’s Color of the Year. The website is a lot of fun if you like colors!



No Apologies: House Hunting

Happy Wednesday! As per my schedule we have Writing Prompt Wednesday! Special thanks to The Daily Prompts Blog whose writing prompt for the day was No Apologies!  The writing prompt suggests writing about our Guilty Pleasures that are so good you no longer feel guilty about them. Hm- I had to think about this one. I could say planning! Which I suppose is a no-duh easy way out answer. Though to be completely honest the extreme I take it to might surprise some. Still we shall not take the easy way out! How will you all get to know me if I don’t expand on myself? So if we explore beyond that I suppose my guilty pleasure is House Hunting!

I have three house hunting apps on my phone. I should mention that I have a whomping total of one gaming app and consider my house hunting apps to be more entertaining; so when you are playing Candy Crush I am House Hunting. Don’t worry! I don’t buy every house I see – obviously, who can afford that these days-  but I would really love to flip houses in my spare time. All that spare time I will have around running my own business and raising a family. Okay – so that probably isn’t going to happen but! The fact remains I love it.

More realistically though -and Wedding Erins related – I do hope to one day buy or create a venue for weddings so I can host events as well as plan them. I’m envisioning a huge Georgian style brick home with lots of acres of land. A long room with a  fireplace for an indoor venue and a small pond with a willow for an outdoor venue are musts! I would also like there to be lots of soft plants with heady smells that tickle your nose as you pull up the gravel drive or as you stand out on a balcony thinking of your groom as your bridesmaids primp inside.


Sigh- I am supposed to be English. I have house hunted for Georgian Style homes and all the best ones are in the United Kingdom.  Actually I have done some family research and I am very English! Makes sense as that is where my taste always leads. Perhaps I will just have to bring my English Tastes to the US!

The British are coming the British are coming! At least the British Venues!

Writing Prompts and Elopements

I read a prompt this morning from “The Daily Post.” The prompt was called Predictions and it asked what I would be doing on the 221st day of this year. That’s July 30th – I know some of you were wondering. Now, I’m a planner so thinking ahead to that exact date isn’t really hard for me. And believe me, if I could plan that day, or really any day down to at least every three hours I probably would. Unfortunately -well probably fortunately to keep things exciting – my husband’s career makes that basically impossible. But anyways, I digress.

So I was reading this prompt, where will I be, and what will I be doing on the 221st day of this year. The first thought that occurred to me was: probably getting married. Its ironic. I’ve made it no secret that I am already married – happily I might add. And as I’ve mentioned we have already gone through the wedding thing twice. So why on earth would I be getting married again?

ImageMy husband and I have a running joke between the two of us. Every time I see something I find cool or unique for a wedding (whether it be on Pinterest, television, or a random other source) I tell him that we have to get married again. I do believe he’s agreed to have at least two more weddings with me. One of them is an elopement in Scotland.

Now I adore Scotland and I’ve been wanting to go since middle school. This summer, sometime in July or August, we finally plan on going! Not for an elopement (or at least probably not) but to satisfy a yearning.

Though I was referring to the yearning to see Scotland, I guess an elopement might satisfy my wedding lust as well. Honestly, I thought that two weddings would be enough for me. I mean, it usually is right? But I’m starting to think I’m doomed to Wedding Lust for an eternity. (Sorry Honey!) On the bright side, perhaps this blog will help. Just don’t be surprised if I start posting Scottish Highland wedding traditions and inspirations.

P.S: I have already done some digging and it appears that my husband will have to get a kilt. 😉

Bridal Guide: 101 Best Wedding Budget Tips

Budget weddings! I love them. In my opinion a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be exactly what you want. This has some great tips and tricks to bring the budget down.
I’m sure it will come up in my Blog but I also think DIY is the perfect way to save money as well! Embrace your crafty side. Pinterest has a plethora of crafty things to make your wedding beautiful and unique!



Don’t break the bank! Follow our guide to all things financially savvy.

1. Create a comparison chart to track what’s included in the price for each venue you’re considering. One company may not include linens and the cake, for example, while another company does.

2. Many public spaces, like parks or the local village green, may be available to rent at a low fee. However, if the space is not equipped to handle events, you’ll have to rent everything from napkins to tables and chairs. Make sure you come out ahead!

3. Choose an unusual venue, such as an aquarium, a zoo, a gallery or an historical site. Site fees are not high and you’ll save on decor because the venue already supplies ambience. But the same caveat goes as for public spaces: Figure in what you’ll have to spend on rentals.

4. Hold your ceremony and your reception…

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It’s a Little Strange

It’s a little strange to be so focused on one thing for so long in your life, then, in a moment, something changes and everything you had planned for, waited for, studied for, worked for, becomes trapped behind a misty shield of apparent impossibility. What do you do when you reach that point? For me it was flounder. Flounder and struggle until the only thing that I could really do was stop and plan. Planning got me through.

I suppose it was a logical shift. I had planned to be a famous author from the first poem I had written so it was easy enough to plan something else. To plan on planning. My creativity cried out and my dreams crashed down. Then I met a guy. How perfectly cheesy.

We got married quickly and young by nearly anyone’s standards. Even by mine. I don’t regret it for a moment. We had a romantic Justice of Peace wedding but then then came the big one. I was in planning heaven. My creative juices started flowing and themes began flooding in. I knew what I wanted to plan for the rest of my life. And what I wanted to write about.

So here we are. With Wedding Erins as the perfect outlet to both my yearning to write and my love of weddings. I already know that I am going to love this journey and where it takes me. I am hoping you join me as the blog, Wedding Erins, and I, myself grow.